Double sided PCB have two copper layers that may be connected by simply a copper finished hole, solder mask and idents may also be additional on both of top and bottom side, it? s the most popular kind of printed circuit boards in industry and possesses the highest percentage of demands inside the worldwide market.

Double sided published circuit boards can be utilized for both via hole and surface mount components, the components can be assembled on both of top and bottom side, which means you don? t need to worry about wherever to put parts on the signal boards, and not need to use via hole components which often is usually pricey than SMD one. They? re extensively used in diverse applications, such since power supplies, industrial controls, automotive, DIRECTED lighting and much more.

A-TECH started manufacturing double sided PCB given that 2003 and there is 15 many years? experience up to now, it? double sided pcb s certainly one of the core business with high fabrication percentage. We? re able to offer 24 hours speedy turn service regarding prototype PCB regarding double-sided and 2 ~ 5 times fast lead period for small to moderate volume order, furthermore, the longest panel size for 2 levels PCB we can fabricate reach 1 ) 5 meters.

Multilayer PCB has more compared to two conductive copper mineral layers which generally consist of internal layer cores, prepreg layers and water piping foils and these people? re melted with each other through heat and pressure.

Lamination procedure is one associated with the step to manage good quality associated with multilayer PCB, this process requires specific heating system and pressure for specific periods regarding time depending on components used to guarantee the PCB board is made appropriately.

The multilayer PCB may be the development regarding the double-sided PCB with increasing difficulty and density of components, they granted the designers to produce highly intricate and compact circuits and additional development of blind and smothered via hole technological innovation has pushed these kinds of limits even more.

Along with the requirements of higher precision in different applications, the needs of multilayer PCB keep increasing constantly in recent years. The normal applications regarding multilayer printed circuit boards include Computer systems, Data storage, Cell phone transmission, GPS technology, satellite methods and so about.